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Automatic cutting for the aeronautics sector: configuration and work cycle process

Optimization of the cutting process for aeronautics

Cutting Trading International develops bespoke and customized cutting solutions for all types of aeronautical interiors; a know-how focused for local and worlwide market segments, able to guarantee a production system more flexible and avoiding material waste. Configuration: aeronautics sector

Recommended tooling and systems to obtain a specific configuration in the aeronautics field that ensure flexibility, precision and high cutting quality:

  1. Automatic Multifunction Cutting;
  2. Electronic Fashion Digitizer;
  3. Bisturi tangenziale a pressione;
  4. Utensile vibrante pneumatica;
  5. Utensile ad ultrasuono.

Leading Companies in the aeronautical market

Among the most important societies there are Boeing, Airbus and Leonardo; Worlwide companies well-know in the aircraft, civil aircraft, helicopter and aerostructures  construction.

For any  further information

If you wish to get any additional information concerning the aeronautics sector, feel free  to contact our team, your requests will be managed quickly .


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