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Automatic cutting system: Cutting Trading International has the solution!

Automatic cutting: The Advantages that makes it the correct choice

The Automatic cutting is an innovative system and nowadays we can affirm that it is the most requested in the market because it is capable of: energy saving up to 70%, reducing material costs, reducing material waste, reducing processing times. It is certainly the most versatile and precise cutting solution. Ideal for ensuring workflow flexibility.Hi Raptor 2.5: The Automatic cutting system made by Cutting Trading International

Hi Raptor 2.5, the multifunction automatic cutting system designed and engineered by CTI, that allows to cut many different types of materials, which are involved in the following sectors/areas:

The versatility of Hi Raptor 2.5 is based on a wide range of tools. For each type of application/sector a specific tool can be installed. Hi Raptor 2.5 means high productivity and high cutting quality performance.

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