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Composit Materials, Technical Fabrics, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber …: Cutting Trading International designs and develops technical cutting solutions to optimize the composite material cutting process and to achieve high product piece quality repeatability. On-going research development and innovation in order to meet customizations needs and to cater to a whole range of different requirements. Do not hesitate to […]

The Italian company, leader in engineering and production of automatic cutting systems, was founded in 1994 by Mr. Bruno Giacomazzi; over the years it has grown considerably in terms of know-how and consolidated a strong business network all over Europe, South America, Russia and China. A highly qualified technical team driven by the passion and […]

Cutting Trading International is expanding and developing more and more business relationship with international partners, specifically for the United Kingdom and Ireland, the strong cooperation with Wightman Stewart Ltd allows to increase our brand visibility and marketing campaign; an important partnership for the commercialization, distribution and sale of CTI automatic cutting systems. Partner UK: Wightman […]

The Cradle K3 – narrow belt driven is an automated feeding system designed for a very quick change of material rolls;  it is produced and commercialized by Cutting Trading International, this specific feeding system allows to  increase production flexibility and to reduce processing times. Discover the Cradle K3 configuration and all its technical features/advantages. Contact us

Cutting Trading International continues to focus on innovation and to expand itself all over the world; a highly qualified technical team driven by passion, challenges and professionalism, which develops news technologies, devices solutions future-oriented. To grow up for us means: invest in news projects, expand our production/ R&D units – consolidate and strenghten our brand […]

Conveyor version The Hi-Raptor 2.5 automatic conveyor cutting system is the most selected configuration chosen by our customers; it allows the automatic laying of the material and the management of the complete cutting-recovery-running process. Discover the advantages of the conveyor system and contact our team.

The BTF unwinder has been designed and developed by Cutting Trading International; it is a device system able to unwind and align heavier rolls of fabric and it also detaches plastic fabric which stick to the roll. Main Features of the BTF umwinder: It can be interfaced with any cutting system; Automatic alignment; High speed operating; User […]

In order to face up to the different changes requested in the working environnement and considering the complex needs of the customers, Cutting Trading International decides to focus on  innovative automatic cutting solutions, developing business relationship with many companies, for both national and international market; companies that specifically are looking for a reliable, innovative and […]

The Expansion in the automotive industry Seats, airbags and car interiors production: CTI develops and produces customized and bespoke multifunction automatic systems for the automotive sector, driven by innovation and advanced technology process. Our goal is to cover the companies specific needs such as flexibility, speed, cut precision and at the same time to reduce production costs […]

Expanding in aeronautical Over twenty years of experience in design and manufacturing of the automatic cutting systems: Cutting Trading International develops solutions for the aeronautical interiors automatic cutting, which are able to achieve the most different needs and market segments where high productivity and complex cutting geometries are required. Benefits of the automatic cutting system for […]