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Never stop Innovation, Research and Challenges for the future


Cutting Trading International continues to focus on innovation and to expand itself all over the world; a highly qualified technical team driven by passion, challenges and professionalism, which develops news technologies, devices solutions future-oriented

To grow up for us means: invest in news projects, expand our production/ R&D units – consolidate and strenghten our brand worldwide and never stop the Innovation…


sistemi - automazione - cti

Automation and innovation in the cutting process


In order to face up to the different changes requested in the working environnement and considering the complex needs of the customers, Cutting Trading International decides to focus on  innovative automatic cutting solutions, developing business relationship with many companies, for both national and international market; companies that specifically are looking for a reliable, innovative and professional partner, CTI engineers cutting technological devices for different type of sectors and application.

 Automation systems innovation:

For any  further details do not hesitate to contact our team.

svolgitore - BTF

BTF: unwinder/rolls alignment


The BTF unwinder has been designed and developed by Cutting Trading International; it is a device system able to unwind and align heavier rolls of fabric and it also detaches plastic fabric which stick to the roll.

taglio - automatico - settore - arredamento - imbottito

R & D in the upholstered furniture industry


The continuous requirements from the companies involved in the upholstered industry regarding to increase productivity and the strong competition in this sector, find in Cutting Trading International the proper solution that meet these needs, by advanced automatic cutting systems/technology toolings and innovative devices.

settore - tesssile - taglio - automatico

Fabrics Sector: cutting innovation systems made by CTI


Fabric cutting customization

The Italian company Cutting Trading International engineered and designed high-technology cutting systems, developing specific solutions and toolings for the textile sector, like: Home linen, Interior curtains, Camping tents and wherever high technology and cutting quality is required.

Automatic cutting system Hi Raptor 2.5

The multifunctional automatic system Hi Raptor 2.5 is a compact and sturdy machine, versatile and efficient; it  has been designed to allow greater flexibility/increasement of production and to guarantee constant innovation for each work cycle.

Contact us

For any request or further information do not hesitate to contact our team.

rams - magazzino - automatico - robotizzato

Intelligent Hi-Tech Rolls Handling Device


The new management of warehouse

The RAMS is a completely innovative robotic warehouse, designed, developed by Cutting Trading International in order to achieve the market needs concerning  adaptability and productivity requests; RAMS is a robotic system for roll picking and transporting, it can be customized for any specific customer requires, it is a safe, easy and user friendly system.

Information and details

For any other further information, do not hesitate to  contact our team, in order to get all the additional technical details and the main potentials of the robotic warehouse RAMS.Discover also  the recommended configuration, all our different tooling/equipment/feeading systems and the innovative automatic Hi Raptor 2.5.

mongolfiere - tensostrutture

The innovative and advanced application of the automatic cutting system to the tensile structure sector


Multi-functional automatic cutting
In order to achieve specific needs regarding a customized and/or bespoke automatic cutting for outdoor awnings, tarpaulins, geodetic, sports facilities and pressostatic covering, the company Cutting Trading International has designed and developed the Hi Raptor 2.5 automatic cutting system,  technology and innovation “made in Italy ” able to :
• respond to specific requests and customizations;
• focus on quality, efficiency and precision in line with the times evolution;
• guarantee high productivity, energy savings, flexibility of use and versatility;
• promote the expansion in the local and global market.
If you have any questions or if you wish to know more details about the automatic cutting system and its configuration for the tensile structure sector, feel free to contact our team.

taglio - automatico - sistema

Automatic cutting system: Cutting Trading International has the solution!


Automatic cutting: The Advantages that makes it the correct choice

The Automatic cutting is an innovative system and nowadays we can affirm that it is the most requested in the market because it is capable of: energy saving up to 70%, reducing material costs, reducing material waste, reducing processing times. It is certainly the most versatile and precise cutting solution. Ideal for ensuring workflow flexibility.

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