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Here are some of the many companies that have chosen CUTTING TRADING INTERNATIONAL products.
Reliability, expertise and quality!


Blacks now has at disposal a modern and efficient automatic fibre cutting system, which implements and complements the technological resources available to the company. Thanks to this tool, the entire production can be optimized and customers are provided with very high quality repeatability of produced parts.

Teloni Tosetto

Among the most qualified PVC coated fabric processing companies in the north east it is constantly engaged in boosting the quality of its products through the use of top-quality materials, together with the use of cutting-edge technology production machinery and equipment.
Design, construction and installation of covers for motor cars and civil and industrial use with PVC coated fabrics.

Sirio Materassi

Research focused on the use of special and innovative materials resulted in the establishment of SIRIOMED®, the patented mattress that takes its name from the business unit dedicated to the medical sector.

Spinelli Teloni

We manufacture tarpaulins for trucks, pergolas, special covers, swimming-pool covers, pickups, marine tarpaulins, awnings, blinds and mosquito nets. Furthermore we take care of the decorative part, with screen printing or digital printing. 10.000 sq m forecourt.

Mancini Tende

The firm Mancini Tende offers a broad range of models of awnings for street vendors, from the semi-automatic version right up to the fully automated version operated by remote control. Today we are able to offer our customers innovative products in full compliance with EU directives.

Gruppo Italtelo

The company, on an area of 9500 square metres, boast an innovative digital printing centre. We produce up to 10000 sq m of rigid or flexible prints daily.
The company is the manufacturer of the largest flag in the world, recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and measuring 17,000 sq m.

Franchini Teloni

From truck tarpaulins we moved on to the manufacture of various covers such as modular gazebos, umbrellas, shed closing sheets, gazebo flashes, and are on the market with one of the best European products for tipper semi-trailers, the renowned Super Ermetico Franchini .

Scola Teloni

Production of large tensile structures especially for trade-fair and circus events. Our new automatic cutter has enabled us to manufacture our products very quickly thereby giving us the edge over our competitors.

Gatti Salotti

Professionalism and cutting-edge interior design are the strong points of a company which for over 40 years has presented and manufactured both classical and contemporary furniture.

RAAP Planen und Zelte

Design and production of customized products: corporate marquees in all shapes and sizes, large tents, curtains, theatre curtains, curtains for restoration jobs and curtains for every occasion, sail tensioning, canopies and banners for your events


Production of inflatable pneumatic structures for events and publicity. With the addition of cutting plotters, our lead times are much faster, and accuracy is much higher. Thanks to the versatility of Raptor, we cut a wide range of PVC, TPU and fabrics with acrylic weft.


Production of feather pillows for every type of furniture.


Benet Automotive is a manufacturer of components for the automotive industry in PUR and Carbon Fibre. Product quality is very high given the superior standard of raw materials and processing with the latest machinery. We offer personalized assistance to our customers, starting with the offer of components, design processing, prototyping, all manufactured in the same facilities. Major Benet customers are Skoda, VW, BMW, Audi.

Bâches Méditerranée Valdiserra

Specialized in the production and installation of PVC tarpaulins. Thanks to our modern fleet of high-performance and above all efficient and versatile automated cutting systems, our team completes your customized projects (pergolas, coverings and awnings, camper tents, covers for terraces and pools. In addition, the company is increasingly oriented towards textile architecture, creating textile facades, covers for parking lots and other more complex structures.


Many years on the market have taught the company Diaferia s.r.l. that to achieve set goals, developing carefully customized and targeted research for every single need is crucial. The use of technologically advanced machines and equipment enable us to make high-quality products with high added value.


When designing our products and planning solutions, we cater to your specific requirements. This is also the reason why most of our products are custom made using selected materials so as to best suit the purpose of the application in the sector of acoustic insulation, textile upholstery and pneumatic products in the industrial sector, in collaboration with manufacturers, suppliers and academic staff of universities for the continuous development of new application and processing options.

Ets Lahille

Design, model, planning, manufacture and installation. We deal with all projects that use composite flexible membranes. We integrate our entire production in order to ensure the complete mastery of the job.
Studies and projects with 3D and CAD tools. The manufacture of metal structures. Production of flexible composite membranes.


We belong to an international market, with an eye of regard for our company, our products …. Soft PVC sheets and strips.


In the world of composites since 1984, availing itself of qualified personnel; years of experience in aeronautical companies located in our district, experience in the automotive, motorcycle-bicycle, nautical, aeronautical and industrial sectors: construction of models and moulds, from a mathematical model or drawing, in fibreglass or carbon fibre.


Customized solutions – precision – near to the customer
We offer tailored solutions designed to cater to your individual needs.
For maximum flexibility in the planning and realization of your projects.


Wherever you are outdoors, with our professional solutions, we offer sun protection. Individual concepts, customized solutions and high quality materials are prerequisites for the effective shading for any outdoor area.


Our company is highly focused on the quality and conformity of its products. Over the years, it has obtained various certifications, from the old 9002 to ISO 9001 through to the EN ISO 9100 in early 2011. Production complies with all the standards required by regulations and customers and the production process is fully traceable, an aspect to which the company pays great attention.


For the past 36 years, Moving has been manufacturing professional seating systems for offices, contract and waiting rooms. Visit us to obtain a first-hand idea of the strength of our company. Ideas, research and project. And then there is the choice of materials, manufacture and quality control. From the creation of the mould through to the final assembly and testing of the seat. Everything is done inside our facility, and is guaranteed and signed Moving. To this must be added the design and style, good looks and elegance which have made Italy famous worldwide


Creations in TPU and PVC, electrically welded at High Frequency. Our products are made from high-quality raw materials. We take care of both design and prototyping as well as manufacture. We make special applications in fabrics and leathers using highly innovative materials.
We produce technical articles and accessories for the health-related and paramedical sectors, with air and liquid fluids, pressure-sore prevention and heat exchange.
We create articles and merchandising for the fashion, sport, and leisure industries and for events in general.


Enriplast is now a family-run business engaged in the design and construction of gazebos, sheds and tarpaulins, constantly committed to being in step with the times and taking advantage of the owner’s extensive 30-year plus experience to provide its customers with top-quality products.


Our company has been operating in the tarpaulin industry since 1969 and has an extensive private and corporate customer base.
Our business consists in processing various TECHNICAL TEXTILES such as PVC, POLYETHYLENE, SHADING NETS, thereby managing to cater to the most varied demands of the market.
We are able to make COVER SHEETS for swimming pools, garden structures, gazebos, pergolas, wooden canopies, side fastenings, hay and agricultural storage sheds, industrial warehouses, car parks, covers for camping sites.
And everything which requires products tailor-made to customer needs.


The company, though part of a system characterized by small and medium-sized enterprises, was set up and developed with the aim of creating an entity that moves and acts like a large company. Reliability, quality and customer satisfaction are at the bottom of Officine Italiana Compositi philosophy. The company, as it is today, is the result of a constant and concrete commitment towards both the acquisition and consolidation of the composite materials market.


We created our company to satisfy the needs of the most discerning customers. We offer help in the field of home decoration, creating stylish upholstered furniture. Our priorities are: reliability, high quality products, competitive prices, fast implementation and professional customer service. We have a wide range of: chairs, armchairs, box systems and other furniture.


For over 50 years, the company has continued to grow and currently not only manufactures truck tarpaulins, but also tarpaulins for sports facilities and industrial plants, production of tarpaulins for roofing canopies, sliding curtains and packaging and heat-shrink tunnels. Concluding with the marketing of sun awnings and gazebos.


Carbon Dream researches, develops, designs and produces special composite materials. Years of experience acquired through constant experimentation and the development of innovative processes allow Carbon Dream to push ahead beyond its goal, extending the use of composite materials to industries, products and users unthinkable until a few years ago.


Lettissimi studies, designs and manufactures its upholstered beds entirely in Italy, offering solutions keyed to customer needs. Local craftsmen work with precision and attention to detail, together with the use of patented technology and carefully selected materials, characterizing our beds in terms of uniqueness and durability. Lettissimi, Made in Italy quality.


Coprikompatt mobile coverings
The mobile coverings “Copritutto” represent the most rapid solutions to your space problems, we design and manufacture mobile and fixed coverings like mobile tunnels or retractable sheds that can meet the most varied demands.


Thanks to our experience, we design, manufacture, and set up modular tensile structures of tailored type and size and large multi-purpose coverings with steel, aluminium or laminated wood supporting structures to satisfy all user needs for sport, show-biz or industrial use, always using approved materials according to certified EC standards.


Mind is an Italian technological Cluster with international relations and global activities in the Automotive, Industrial Automation and Plant Engineering sectors and extensive experience and know-how.


Harmony, integrity and extensive experience acquired over the years, specifically in the textile field, have quickly ensured the company’s success. The philosophy of uncompromising quality has led to the acquisition of leading suppliers of worldwide renown. On-going global growth and consequent progressive reorganization keep the company flexible and closely focused on market changes, thereby enabling it to consolidate its lead position in the textile machinery and accessory industry.


Thanks to a great passion for special flexible closures and painstaking attention to quality, we have created this innovative rapid roll automatic door designed and dedicated to the most discerning customers, a structure built entirely of aluminium with a particularly elegant design, finished with the care for which Italian industry is famous, in every detail.


Dayco is a world leader in the research, design, production and distribution of products for engines, transmission systems and services for cars, trucks, construction, agriculture and industry.


Synonymous of professionalism and quality, Marcolin manufactures and sells coverings for industry, transportation, public premises, architect’s offices and private homes, and manufactures, rents and sells modular tensile structures for fairs, events, exhibitions, conferences, ceremonies , celebrations, warehouses and for the ecology sector. A strong commitment to research and innovation allows us to offer advanced solutions and high-quality materials, to ensure an absolutely reliable and safe product. The objectives of customization, innovation, quality, functionality and design are therefore reflected in a wide range of products, solutions and integrated systems to meet the needs of professional and private customers .


We develop, manufacture, sell – ITW Industrietore GmbH does everything: from the idea through to door installation. Our goal is the uniqueness of our products in terms of design and technology. ITW doors are extremely versatile – company logistics, automotive industry, food industry and chemical industry as well as airports, to name just a few.


Our combined experience in infusion, core and coating technology is unique. Close coordination of individual materials and process steps. For every detail we have the appropriate production technology. Items are installed by our team of professionals with an eye for essentials.


Dema – Design Manufacturing SpA, has been operating in the aerospace industry since 1993 as an innovative company of great renown, thanks to the interpretation of the most complete form of development: verticalization. This process enables us to offer a product that integrates: project engineering capacity; production engineering; sheet metal machining; mechanical engineering; production of composite parts; development, research and testing of new materials and related processing technologies (e.g. titanium); heat treatments and special processes; assemblies. We therefore represent a primary supplier/partner for aerospace companies.


Fym Équipement has acquired a know-how and experience of 15 years in the manufacture of PVC tarpaulins & foam custom cutting. Manufacture of covers & tarpaulins for Aeronautics & Industry.
Custom Marking – Serigraphy – Assembly – Welding & Sewing.
Production tools: 520m2 of workshop area – HI-RAPTOR 2.5 (Cutting Trading International) robotic cutting table – Sewing machines – HF welding machine – Reels – Specific machines.


We make high-performance PVC composite fabrics-textiles that can be adapted to all type of  environments. Compared to more traditional materials, technical textiles solutions offer many advantages: ease implementation process, lightness, cost, and are 100% recyclable. Our digital production tools, allow us to prepare/work on demand or in series. We support our customers at every stage of their projects: design, manufacturing, tailoring, installation, after-sales service.


In the retail GIBUS points you can find the best awnings and pergolas, Gibus is a leader on the covering production  to guarantee  protection and energy saving. Very high quality Outdoor Awnings with an elegant and innovative design.


WellSun specializes in manufacturing modern sunshading systems for a wide range of applications. Long-term experience in the field of sun protection and high-tech production allows us to offer quality products at affordable prices. Our partners are the world’s leading manufacturers of equipment, fabrics and components.


Technical Textile Fabrics Transformer and Installer for Industry, Collectivity, Private Individuals and Agriculture.


Serynis is specialized in the processing of technical textiles for the protection of the goods, people and the environment. Serynis designs and manufactures products for different sectors: industry, automotive, energy production, nuclear, chemistry, aeronautics, interiors, architecture and construction.


Manufacturer of customized tarpaulins, for both professionals and individuals.
Industries, town halls, parties committee, cafes, restaurants, camping, interiors …
Customized study of your project
Specialists in the outdoor furniture,’Zip’ motorized roller blinds and the ‘Ziptrak’ manual blinds.