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Automatic cutting solutions for the aerostatic sector

Automatic cutting solutions for the aerostatic sector

An aerostat is a particular aircraft that flies by static support, that is, it tends to rise in the atmosphere because it is lighter than the air surrounding it.

Hot air balloons and air balloons


Fabrics used for the aerostatic sector

Usually resin-coated fabrics or internally coated with a layer of elastic polyurethane are used, in fact this is the main feature of an inflatable.

Cutting Trading International specializes in the automatic cutting of fabrics for the aerostatic sector. Solutions suitable for the most diverse dimensions.

Solutions that aim to reduce processing times and material waste, for any need, with the possibility of tailor-made design for companies that require high repeatability and complex cutting geometries.

Materials used:
Fireproof Nylon 420 CL.1, Nylon / Polyurethane 210/210,


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