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Fabrics made their first appearance in prehistory along with the cultural and technical evolution of human civilization. The fabrics of the Neolithic period were mostly flax and vegetable fibres; then with the introduction of livestock, animal fibres such as wool and silk were also introduced. Today, the chemical industry has produced artificial fibres which reduce the use of classic natural fibre fabrics. Modern technology is able to supply ready-for-use fabrics, in most cases, in the form of rolls of different width and length; in other, less frequent cases, cross-lapped. In classical subsequent processing stages, a variety of finished products are obtained, from T-shirts to outerwear. Today however, when we speak of fabrics, we also refer to a new family of products used in the technical field, for example to make sails for boats or tents for camping. In each of these fields, we design and manufacture automated spreading and cutting lines by applying our specific know-how to the objective we have been asked to achieve. The HI Raptor 2.5 automatic multi-function cutting unit, which can be integrated in production lines, is a compact and sturdy machine featuring a modular system which permits a broad range of uses, able to easily cut a variety of different fabrics in a fast and precise way. We offer tailored and customized cutting solutions, significantly cutting work times and material waste. The spreading of the fabric and material, the identification of the cutting parts and the automated and customized solutions ensure greater precision and increase productivity besides reducing cutting room costs.

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