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Cutting Trading International goes digital!


From February 22nd to February 25th 2021 we will participate to the virtual format of the R + T Digital 2021 Fair; an innovative and specific event that represents a challenge and an additional opportunity to give immediate visibility to our latest cutting technologies and innovated devices, such us: the Hi Raptor 2.5 XXL Conveyor, the LC2 Multifunction and the Rams Robotic Warehouse and much more…

Innovation, Professionalism, Experience and Warranty: the key words that identify our DNA melted over twenty years of experience; an international brand known worldwide, a leader on research and development of customized cutting machinery and equipments focused on technical fabrics, awnings, sun protection, speed doors, shutters and wherever any type of technology applied to the cutting process is required.

Passion and challenges lead the innovation towards the future”, this is CTI, this is what we believe in.

Focus CTI:

Come to visit us!
Download your free ticket using our invitation code: RTCUTTINH0121

Software DNC_640x536

Software DNC – DetectionNCut


DetectionNCut is a software designed to detect cutting contours; allowing the management of the different drawing levels during the dxf files import process; an innovative program with the possibility of choosing between the various motifs of the material, optimizing the production and the material usage.

culla k3 a tappeti-1

CTI: Cradle K3 broad-belt driven


The cradle K3 is broad-belt driven electronically-controlled, in order that fabric threading and unthreading operations are performed automatically, reducing handling times, it can be interfaced with the Hi-Raptor 2.5 multifunction cutting system to increase productivity and make the workcycles process more efficient.

Sistema di taglio automatico Hi Raptor 2.5

CTI: French market


On-going research, technological development and innovation …  Cutting Trading International continues to grow, consolidating its brand not only in Italy but also abroad, especially in France, where more and more companies require the Hi Raptor 2.5 automatic cutting system, on-going cooperation by sharing photos and links directly on their web site.

Research & Development team


A technical team highly qualified, reliable and in continuous evolution, driven by passion, professional and experienced, which designs and develops innovative cutting systems, focused on customized solutions, where customer requests are managed and processed with extreme accuracy  and precision.




LC1 is a new type of unwinder with automatic transversal cut used to cut the fiberglass plate wrapped in rolls; an innovative system that guarantees a fast and precise cutting process, developed and distributed by Cutting Trading International. Discover all the technical features and do not hesitate to contact our team for any other additional information.

taglio - automatico - versione - statica

Single ply Static version


The Hi Raptor 2.5 can be supplied as a single ply static version to cut sheet materials, insulating, plastics, gaskets …or materials which requires the use of long tables and where the imperpections must be detected and identified before the cutting operations; the Hi Raptor 2.5 is an ideal system for small/middle-sized companies focused to increase flexibility and productivity.

settore composito-cti

Automation processes for composites materials


Composit Materials, Technical Fabrics, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber …: Cutting Trading International designs and develops technical cutting solutions to optimize the composite material cutting process and to achieve high product piece quality repeatability. On-going research development and innovation in order to meet customizations needs and to cater to a whole range of different requirements.

storia - cti

“Believe in tradition and innovation, authenticity and passion”


The Italian company, leader in engineering and production of automatic cutting systems, was founded in 1994 by Mr. Bruno Giacomazzi; over the years it has grown considerably in terms of know-how and consolidated a strong business network all over Europe, South America, Russia and China. A highly qualified technical team driven by the passion and the entrepreneurship of Mr. Giacomazzi, who found an added value in 2015: for the generational change, enters in the company the daughter Giorgia, following with pride her father’s footprints. Is therefore born Cutting Trading International, a company which is more and more focused on core values, innovation, technology and specifi customer requires.

Partner UK-converted-2-1

CTI: International Market Expansion


Cutting Trading International is expanding and developing more and more business relationship with international partners, specifically for the United Kingdom and Ireland, the strong cooperation with Wightman Stewart Ltd allows to increase our brand visibility and marketing campaign; an important partnership for the commercialization, distribution and sale of CTI automatic cutting systems.

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