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5 July 2024

The Hi Raptor 2.5 automatic cutting system is a machine designed to provide maximum performance in single sheet cutting operations and can be supplied in a conveyor or static version.

Hi Raptor 2.5 offers a number of features and benefits that make it particularly useful for businesses that require high levels of precision and productivity.

Features of the Hi Raptor 2.5 system:
– High precision: uses advanced cutting technologies that guarantee precision while minimizing material waste.
– High speed: designed to operate at high speeds, increasing productivity without compromising cutting qualities.
– Material flexibility: capable of cutting a wide range of materials.- Advanced software: includes design software that allows you to optimize cutting patterns.

Advantages of the Hi Raptor 2.5 system:
– Operational efficiency: thanks to automation and high cutting speed, companies can achieve greater efficiency in production.
– Product quality: the precision of the cut guarantees a high quality final product.
– Cost savings: the reduction of material waste translates into significant savings on operating costs.

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