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Roll storage and management system


Cutting Trading International presents the customized roll storage and management system. A tailor-made work made possible only by the competence and passion that animates our staff.

Always committed to the design and development of efficient and functional solutions, Cutting Trading International also guarantees the creation of custom systems to meet customer needs and to respond to specific problems.

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Design and production flexibility

The roll storage and management system allows the storage of rolls of multiple types (fabric, PVC, etc.). The system allows you to unroll the roll from the machine either manually or with the help of another machine.

A system designed and studied to meet specific storage, archiving and processing needs.


  • VS8 carousel
  • Up to 8 rolls
  • Up to 100kg per roll
  • Up to Ø 350mm
  • Up to length 2400mm
  • Roll presentation time max 20 seconds
  • Semi-automatic position selection: by holding down the directional button it continues to advance, when released it stops the next roll in the loading / unloading / processing position
  • Manual roll extraction and replacement
  • Possibility of unwinding the material with the roll inside the plant
  • All movements are protected by a counterweighted physical safety barrier
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