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Electronic Fashion Digitizer


Electronic Fashion Digitizer is a device designed to quickly bring a cardboard model to a drawing ready to be processed by the cutting machine.
It automatically identifies holes, notches and lengthwise grains for each template.
It makes it possible to associate the drawing with descriptions such as item name, model name, basic size, etc …

Because of the growing demand for innovative technologies in the cutting room in order to be competitive on international markets, we are committed to finding a flexible solution, easy-to-integrate in different industries such as automotive, upholstered furniture, sun protection and and where a solution for detecting shapes accurately and quickly is applicable. The developed system permits automating the template acquisition process during the initial prototype or basic model construction phase.

The information saved in DXF-CAD format, allows it to be imported into the most popular CAD systems used in the various industrial sectors. Its ease of use allows even unskilled users to digitize a template and speeds up the work of the experienced designer. The program takes a picture of the Digitizer board and analyses it; by image processing the pictures, the outline, holes, notches and lengthwise grains of the shapes can be extracted.


  • Patterns detection;
  • Saving in AutoCAD DXF format;
  • Recognition of: piece outline – notches – straight edge;
  • Possible to associate: piece name;
  • ± 0.5mm accuracy;
  • Possibility of acquiring several templates simultaneously;
  • Grain alignment laser;
  • Simple and fast;
  • Supports DXF-CAD formats;
  • A00 format (1600 x 1200);
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10.
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