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Automatic cutting for the packaging sector

Cutting Trading International produces automatic cutting solutions for the packaging and paper converting sector.

Cutting systems capable of increasing the profitability of packaging production and significantly reducing processing time and material waste.

We design and manufacture automated spreading and cutting lines.
The HI Raptor 2.5 multifunctional automatic cutting machine. is a compact and robust machine whose modular system allows a wide variety of use in a simple, fast and precise way.



Precision, efficiency and savings

We offer tailor-made and customized cutting solutions for companies that require a constant commitment to the development and quality of their creations, through the use of first-rate materials, combined with the use of technologically advanced production machinery and equipment.

The spreading of the material, the identification of the cutting part and the automatic and customized solutions, ensure an increase in precision and productivity, drastically reducing costs.


Below is an example standard configuration, thanks to this configuration it will be easier for you to understand and find the tools you need for your type of work.
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