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28 July 2017

For over twenty years, Cutting Trading International has been an Italian leader in the design and development of machines for automatic fabric cutting in the most diverse sectors: solar protection, automotive, aeronautical, upholstered furniture, furniture, composite materials, and wherever innovative cutting technology is required.

Our goal has always been to help companies increase production efficiency by automating the entire work process, limiting errors and material waste.

1. Optimization of materials

Our automatic cutting system, Hi Raptor 2.5, is able to minimize material waste and consequently the cutting room costs, thanks to the cutting and shooting speed, and its unparalleled precision.

2. Increase production efficiency

The solid structure and the reliable movement of the head together with the cutting speed and a powerful suction system, allows to obtain an unmatched productivity and quality.

3. Increased flexibility

Thanks to innovative solutions such as the “quick release” system of the tool, our automatic cutting system allows a great ease of replacement for maximum flexibility of use for cutting fabrics.

4. Quality of cut

Our cutting systems are able to make even the most complex cuts ensuring precision, speed and accuracy, favoring the quality of the fabric processing.

5. Versatility

The versatility of the Raptor HI system is based on a wide availability of tools, whose cutting height is electronically adjustable. It can work with a wide range of fabrics using the basic machine with the specific tool for each type of processing with a very fast passage from one material to another.

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