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1 August 2017

In the upholstered furniture sector, more and more companies are forced to greater customization of products and increasing production to meet the latest trends and changing tastes of customers.

By understanding these dynamics, Cutting Trading International aims to meet the needs of flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency.

Hi Raptor 2.5, the Cutting Trading International automatic cutting system, was created to help companies optimize the entire production process of upholstered leather and fabric furniture.

Our solutions allow the complete automation of the cutting room, thus satisfying the factors of flexibility, quality and savings, crucial to date in the upholstered furniture sector.

1. Flexibility

We equip companies with technologies that can increase the efficiency of the entire production chain so as to allow maximum flexibility in the entire order management.

2. Quality

Automatic cutting is able to produce a greater quantity with greater precision at a higher speed than manual cutting. Our Hi Raptor 2.5 cutting systems are designed to perfectly cut the stitches in the correct position, every time.

3. Saving of material

Thanks to automatic placement, complete traceability of process steps and precise scanning, our cutting systems are able to minimize material waste and consequently cut costs.

Cutting Trading International solutions ensure increased performance, material optimization, increased accuracy and speed, and greater control over the entire workflow. Cutting systems that can increase the efficiency of the production flow, allowing you to reduce costs and speed up the return on investment.

In the upholstered furniture sector, 2/3 options are available for workflow automation:

Inline Workflow

During the inline workflow all operations – scanning, placing and automatic or manual cutting – performed simultaneously on the cutting machine. It is usually ideal for all companies with small production volumes.

Offline workflow

The basic and advanced off-line workflow is specially designed for the precision needs of the leather upholstery furniture industry with large production volumes.

Learn more about workflow configurations related to leather cutting.

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