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14 June 2019

Cutting Trading International is specialized in automatic cutting solutions for the automotive sector/fields (seats, interiors, airbags). CTI offers professional solutions able to support companies to make their product quickly and efficiently, maximizing quality and reducing engineering and production costs.

We produce automatic cutting systems able to achieve companies customized needs in order to obtain complex cutting geometries shapes and high production rates.

Cutting Trading International Evolution

Cutting Trading International: The italian Company leader for the automatic cutting systems, capable to support the companies worldwide to improve their performance and to increase their efficiency. CTI provides to the manufacturers of seats and interiors, in leather and fabric, a cutting system that optimizes the entire production process, reducing material waste (leather, fabric, etc.), ensuring an high quality cut precision.

Recommended Configuration for Fabric cutting cycle production:

In order to optimize the cutting system process we recommend the following tools:

  1. Automatic Cutting machine Hi Raptor 2.5;

Hi Raptor 2.5 multifunction cutting system consists of a compact and sturdy machine which provides excellent performances in the different cutting process operations, it is extremely versatile and suitable for every type of application and material.

  1. Electronic Fashion Digitizer;

Electronic Fashion Digitizer is a device designed to quickly bring a cardboard model to a drawing ready to be processed by the automatic cutting machine system.The developed system permits automating the template acquisition process during the initial prototype or basic model construction phase.

  1. Tangential Pressure Knife;

Tool with tangential-control blade able to cut tougher and more bulky materials such as composite fabrics in general, with very high speed and precision.

  1. Pneumatic vibrating Tool;

The vibrating blade allows cutting different types of materials from hard and resistant to soft and thick.

  1. Ultrasonic Tool.

Ultrasonic cutting tool has been engineered in order to cut very difficult and hard materials.

Automatic cutting system key points

The Multifuntion automatic cutting system Hi Raptor 2.5 will be able to:

  • Reduce time in the different working process phases;
  • Improve product quality;
  • Increase productivity;
  • Guarantee high precision cut and complex cuts;
  • Reduce material waste

To learn more

If you need to get some more information regarding the use of Hi Raptor 2.5 system in the Automotive sector, pls do not hesitate to contact Cutting Trading International. Our team will reply you in a short and precise way.