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20 June 2019

Expanding in aeronautical

Over twenty years of experience in design and manufacturing of the automatic cutting systems: Cutting Trading International develops solutions for the aeronautical interiors automatic cutting, which are able to achieve the most different needs and market segments where high productivity and complex cutting geometries are required.

Benefits of the automatic cutting system for the aeronautical sector:

  • Quality Improvement and performance improvement of the final product;
  • Rapidity in the different phases of the work cycle;
  • Material Saving during the production process;
  • Cutting Accuracy for the most complex shapes;
  • More flexibility in the production system.

Cutting Trading International innovation

The Hi Raptor 2.5 multifunction cutting system, engineered by Cutting Trading International, is a compact machine designed in order to refine all the cutting process phases and to increase productivity in the aeronautical interior sector.

Further information

If you wish to get any further information regarding the Multifuncion automatic cutting system for the Aeronautical sector, pls do not hesitate to contact our team.

Automatic Cutting System: Aeronautical, click and watch the video: