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Research for commercial collaborators


17 February 2021

From February 22nd to February 25th 2021 we will participate to the virtual format of the R + T Digital 2021 Fair; an innovative and specific event that represents a challenge and an additional opportunity to give immediate visibility to our latest cutting technologies and innovated devices, such us: the Hi Raptor 2.5 XXL Conveyor, the LC2 Multifunction and the Rams Robotic Warehouse and much more…

Innovation, Professionalism, Experience and Warranty: the key words that identify our DNA melted over twenty years of experience; an international brand known worldwide, a leader on research and development of customized cutting machinery and equipments focused on technical fabrics, awnings, sun protection, speed doors, shutters and wherever any type of technology applied to the cutting process is required.

Passion and challenges lead the innovation towards the future”, this is CTI, this is what we believe in.

Focus CTI:

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