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6 June 2019

The Innovation for upholstered furniture and leather

For over twenty years Cutting Trading International has been helping companies to automatize their production in the leather cutting and upholstered furniture sectors. Our cutting systemHi Raptor 2.5 is ideal for making any product concerning the upholstered fabric sector such as: garments and clothing accessories, bags, suitcases, footwear, souvenir albums, sports equipment, car interiors, airplanes and boats. 

Recommended tooling for the automatic cutting system configuration in the upholstered furniture

To obtain a customized and a bespoke final product, the recommended equipment for the automatic cutting system configuration in the upholstered furniture is as follows:

  1. Electronic Fashion Digitizer;

It is a device designed to quickly bring a cardboard model to a drawing ready to be processed by the cutting machine. Its ease of use allows even unskilled users to digitize a template and speeds up the work of the experienced designer.

  1. Automatic Cutting system Hi Raptor 2.5;
  1. Motor-Driven Rotary Tool;
  1. Pneumatic Vibrating Tool;
  1. Motor-Driven Rotating Brush Cleaner;
  1. Cradle K3

Electronic Fashion Digitizer features/benefits

• Improvement of the cutting precision/quality;
• Great flexibility and integration in the upholstered fabric sector;
• Program user friendly;
• Speed ​​in the work cycle process;
• Possibility of acquiring several templates simultaneously;
• Increased productivity.

For any further information

If you are interested in receiving any further information regarding the upholstered furniture sector, feel free to contact the Cutting Trading International team.

Automatic cutting system for upholstered furniture, watch our videos: